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“The Air Water machine makes water from thin air - it is the only immediate solution for the water crisis facing the world – whether it is home, your office, your clinic, your school, your community, you could be drinking 100% pure water and saving the water that you don’t use each and every day” - Ray de Vries

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Our Air Water AW33 unit (pictured below) is ideal for home or office producing up to 33 litres of perfectly pure water every day.  The Air Water AW100 and AW150 models produce up to 100 litres and 150 litres respectively and are very popular in Cape Town because of the quality and quantity problem. For enquiries please contact Ray to order….

We have all seen the facts and figures on the global consumption of water, how consumption is doubling every 20 years and that there are now already 1 billion people who have very limited or absolutely no access to fresh drinking water.

Let’s go glass…This most valuable commodity is becoming increasingly scarce. Bottled water is becoming less and less favourable and is even being outlawed in places around the world because of the increasing contamination of plastic, We have a very exciting and innovative bottling solution for restaurants hotels and eateries. Click here for further details

Climate change is also having a profound effect on the distribution of rainfall around the Earth. Crippling drought is affecting places like it hasn’t done in over a century e.g. the Eastern and Western Cape in South Africa.

The norm has been to criticise the authorities, municipalities and governments for slow reaction and lack of planning during these times – and sometimes for good reason.  The only 2 alternatives that keep being talked about are desalination and extracting water from aquifers. The frightening thing is that they never seem to come to pass – it’s just the conversation that keeps talking of “we are in the process of” and “we are exploring all avenues” or “the city will never run out of water”.

Whether you are at home or at the office, our AW33 machine, light on electricity, small and compact delivers you up to 33 litres of pure water a day. Click here for pricing.

Below see Theewaterskloof dam, 48% of cape Towns water supply, filmed 6 February 2018

Well what if it does?

The common theme is always that the politicians are looking for macro or one-stop solutions. In other words the alternatives must be able to fill the dams completely and fit into the present infrastructure of our water supply. The problem with this is that it is an either/or proposed solution – an all or nothing approach as opposed to an “and” solution.

Make no mistake that there are many of us who dont care about  the water situation and use water as if there is no tomorrow, but a large majority of us are very concerned and do our bit to conserve water wherever we can.

The facts are pretty simple: 2016 dam levels were 20% below that of 2015 and 2017 dam levels are 20% lower than 2016 – it’s as simple as that – whilst 2018 is looking better we will never be free of water worries.

Why not take the guesswork out of it and make our own perfectly pure water?

Whilst the people in charge of our water supply keep the conversation of “solutions” alive, we are able to provide an immediate solution. Yes you can install an AIR WATER™ system today and have water within hours harvested directly from the air – perfectly pure water. This is the answer for your home, for your office, for your school, for your building, for your clinic, for your restaurant, for your accommodation establishment, for your hospital – in fact anywhere where there is a human being who needs water to drink.

Contact us on Whatsapp or mobile +27828844881 or email us  We fully appreciate the urgency – our duty consultant will be able to advise you on your most cost effective solution immediately.

About Us

The AIR WATER™ Group (AWG) is an innovative consultancy and management company covering all aspects of atmospheric water generation including, but not limited to; system solution design, supply of pre-engineered and custom made systems, project management, financing and specialised projects. Our team of consultants led by Ray de Vries, who pioneered atmospheric water generation on this continent some 12 years ago, are available to help you with a free consultation whether it is for your home or entire building. We also offer a media and marketing service to backup all of the projects that we are involved in.


An atmospheric water generator (AWG) is a device that extracts water from humid ambient air. Water vapor in the air is condensed by cooling the air below its dew point. Unlike a dehumidifier, an AWG is designed to render the water potable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure of something?

Q: What is an atmospheric water generator (AWG)?
A: It is a machine that extracts moisture from the air through a condensation process to produce perfectly pure drinking water.

Q: Can I use this for my home?
A: Yes there are models that are perfect for home use. The home units have the capability to make from 33 litres to 150 litres of perfectly pure water per day.

Q: Can I use this for commercial or industrial applications?
A: Yes there are models, like The African Rainmaker™, that are capable of making up to 2000 litres of perfectly pure water each day. Contact Ray de Vries directly to chat about the best fit solution or Whatsapp +27828844881

Q: Surely it is ideal for bottling in places where there are water restrictions that prevent bottling of water.
A: Yes we have been doing this for over 10 years now. The bottling plant can be manual or automated; pre-engineered or custom made and can be stand alone (containerised).

Q: Is the water produced pure and safe?
A: Yes, the water is absolutely pure as well as great tasting. The filtration system, includes reverse osmosis. It is extremely effective using multiple safeguards as well as UV light to eradicate any bacteria.

Q: Is taking water from the atmosphere harmful to the environment?
A: The hydrological cycle takes care of that. The water used is constantly evaporating back into the air making the process 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Q: Is there enough water in the air to produce water every day?
A: Yes indeed, there are 100 million billion litres of water in the atmosphere at any given time and it all returns to the atmosphere once used.

Q: Can I really get pure drinking water from (sometimes) polluted air?
A: The AWG process starts with air filtration before it passes through the rest of the filtration process eliminating any chance of air pollution having any effect on the water produced.

Q: Is it expensive to produce water with an AWG?
A: The water produced is perfectly pure and much cheaper than bottled water.

Q: How much electricity does the AWG for home and office use?
A: Most home units are 350w – 550w using about the same power as a plasma screen TV and the larger units require 3 phase power.


The home unit is ideal for home or office. It is a very simple plug and play and produces up to 33 litres of perfectly pure water every day. The machine is able to cool or heat the water.

Door to door delivery within 72 hours anywhere in South Africa, the unit is backed up by a 12 month warranty and service by factory trained technicians. To place your order please contact or 0828844881

The African Rainmaker ™ water bottling plant produces up to 3000 500ml bottles per day. It is a turnkey system that is either standalone (containerised) or in-house. The process involves extracting water from the air, filtering and sanitising it with UV light before being bottled. Ideal for hotels, conference centers, office buildings and hospitals. 

The African Rainmaker™ welcomes Cape Air Water to the family  Situated in Killarney Gardens, Cape Town, CEO Brendan Williamson and his team bottle a couple of thousand bottles of perfectly pure water each day – from thin air!

If you are interested in a franchise or want to start your own very profitable business, please contact Ray de Vries at or call on +27 (0) 828844881 Let’s chat…

The smaller home units can make up to 33 L of perfectly pure water per day.
One of the many features is that there is a "tap out" facility which allows the user to store water that is not used during the course of the day – this is particularly useful when living in places like Cape Town where storing water is critical.

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