Air Water™ Deliveries

Please note the following terms and conditions regarding deliveries of product to clients:

  1. There is a delivery charge of R685.00 (excluding vat) for orders less than two cases.
  2. Empties will be uplifted at the time of delivery of new orders at no charge.
  3. Should a dedicated empties collection be needed (i.e.without delivery), a fee of R685.00 (excluding vat) will be charged per pick up unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Air Water™ management and the client.
  4. Please ensure that our driver issues you with a signed (by both parties) credit voucher for all empties uplifted.
  5. Air Water™ reserves the right to charge the client for urgent orders outside of the usual weekly delivery. This will be agreed to in writing by both parties prior to the delivery. The fee for an unscheduled delivery is R685 (excluding vat).
  6. Should you have any queries please contact