Air Water Humidity harvester for home or office

Make perfectly pure water in your home.
Please be aware that our March batch is sold out. About 80% of the April delvery batch is already sold out (as at 21st March 2018). If you would like to order please urgently send your invoice and delivery details to We will invoice and your order can only be confirmed on confirmation of payment. The next batch is due for delivery end April.
The smallest unit we have is the AW33 which produces up to 33 litres of perfectly pure water per day.
One of the many features of our AW33 is that it you are able to tap off any unused water into a store each day which is vital for water scarce areas like Cape Town. The city put out an alert that all citizens should use no more than 50 litres per day.
The unit is a 350W electrosaver which uses about the same electricity as a plasma screen TV. The machine does not need to be outside – it is a self contained plug and play unit on wheels for easy positioning. 
Filters need changing once every 6-12 months. The microcomputer alerts you when it is necessary. You can expect to spend approximately R585.00 excluding vat on filters annually. They are very simple to change – simply click out the old and click in the new. The reverse osmosis bladder needs replacing every 18-24 months and costs R875.00 excluding vat.
The machine (picture below) itself is R21,750.00 excluding vat – the price includes door to door delivery.
If you are looking for a bigger unit, try the AW150 which is very popular in Cape Town due to the drought. The price is R77,750.00 excluding vat.
To order please send us invoice details and physical delivery address. Your order will be confirmed on receipt of confirmation of payment. 
Please feel free to give Ray a call on +27828844881 (anytime as we are working 7 days a week due to the crisis) for further assistance. 
PS We also have 100l, 150l, 250l, 500l, 1000l, 2000l and  5000l machines as well as limited franchise opportunities available.