Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

The Air Water ™ Humidity Bottling plants (modular or fixed)

In November 2017, The Air Water™ Group (AWG) designed and produced the first ever “humidity bottling plant” in South Africa’s second largest city, Cape Town. Cape Air Water™, situated n Killarney Gardens, produces up to 3000 bottles per day and supplies Air Water™ retail outlets,  restaurants and hotels.

The second bottling plant modeled on Cape Air Water™ opened in the Stellenbosch area in mid 2018.  The plant is modular in design, has 3 x 2000 litre per day humidity harvesters and the bottling plant is built entirely in containers.

Plans are afoot to open a further three bottling plants within the next 12 months in South Africa.

The “humidity bottling plant” is a turnkey production facility – harvesting humidity from the air, filtering and sanitizing the water using only UV light (no chlorine or chemicals). The result is perfectly pure water that is very soft, alkaline and 100% sustainable. The water is stored in external storage that has its own filtration and sanitization as well. The water is piped through into the dispensing, bottling, capping and packaging point ready for distribution.

In short: 100% sustainable, perfectly pure water and highly profitable bottling plant – total investment from R1.55 million excluding vat.

Retail Stores

Air Water™ retail stores are supplied by a Air Water™ bottling plant and have two income streams: in store retail sales as well as supplying restaurants, hotels and B+B’s. The product offerings are recyclable plastic bottles or refillable glass bottles (the green option) in various sizes.

Both business opportunities are very profitable as 100% sustainable, perfectly pure water is in huge demand, both in South Africa and abroad.

The first retail store opened in Hout Bay, Cape Town in August 2018 and is proving to be a huge success. The market is demanding perfectly pure, safe water that is 100% sustainable and preferably in refillable glass bottles.

In short: 100% sustainable, perfectly pure water and highly profitable retail shop – total investment from R285,000 excluding vat.