Machine Maintenance


You need to service and sanitize your atmospheric water generator every 6 months. Leaving it longer might put pressure on the pumps as the filters clog up. The biggest risk is, of course, you and your family’s health (see the pics below – you don’t want your machine to be looking like this!)

Scroll down to see 10 great tips for looking after your machine and your health

For servicing please contact Linda Sievers on email

Your generator might not be working at full capacity. This is very often because you are not up to date with servicing. and could be damaging your machine.

We service on-site within 72 hours of upfront payment…

10 Great Tips on how to look after your machine (and your health!)

  1. Service your machine every 6 months
  2. Change your reverse osmosis filter every 12-24 months
  3. Use a surge protector for your machine (especially with load shedding)
  4. Never leave your machine off for longer than a week. The machine can only clean the water with filtration and UV as there are no chemicals. If the water is left stand bacteria can grow fast and it is very difficult to get rid of. Give us a call and we will remove the filters and sanitise the machine before you go away for a longer period of time.
  5. Clean the drip tray and air filter once a week. Don’t use detergent – just clean with water.
  6. Your Air Water™ machine needs to be situated in a place that has windflow. It needs new fresh air so that it can harvest the water from the air.
  7. Lock the wheels once your machine is in place.
  8. Always switch your machine on or off by pressing the power button. (not the wall).
  9. Clean the tray below the dispensing tap weekly.
  10. If you like your water with ice – make sure you use water from your machine to make it. Its crazy to have perfectly pure water from the air and you use “chlorine soup” from the tap for ice.