Corona Virus - make your own water from the air every day...


Corona virus is scary – we have no idea how big this is or the threat it poses to us and our loved ones. We are in uncharted territory.

Water supply – can you trust the government?

There are two things that we buy from the government – electricity and water. We know the state of the electricity supply, but do we know the state of the water supply?

Credible reports on South Africa’s water abound of E. coli, water bursts, microplastics in drinking water, potentially fatal cyanobacteria and even uranium found in the water supply.

Don’t worry we have the solution

This amazing machine will make water from just the air… Know exactly where your water comes from and be the only person who comes into contact with it.

  • A huge breakthrough in making water from the air
  • For general use water and/or drinking water
  • Plug and play machine that is small and mobile
  • Single phase and low on electricity consumption (800w),
  • Makes up to 70 litres per day depending on atmospheric water conditions,
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • All of this for just R14,999 until the end of March 2020 or while stocks last.

Take the guesswork out of whether your water is a threat to your health or not. Be in charge – water is life.

All we need are your invoice and delivery details –