Oxyburst- Oxygen on Demand

Oxyburst – 12 litre, portable canister contains 95% Pure Oxygen.

This product provides the user with up to 250 one-second inhalations of 95% Oxygen. Same day delivery service available in Johannesburg and Cape Town. For deliveries further afield allow for 3 to 4 working days.

Price: R349.00 per canister (free delivery per case of 12).

For urgent orders please WhatsApp +27828844881

Get your Oxyburst today and see the difference in performance. Feeling fatigued? Tired because of a shortage of oxygen? Oxyburst contains 95% purified oxygen and 5% ambient air.

Oxyburst will provide:

A burst of Oxygen to negate the effects of low oxygen levels. Low oxygen contributes to memory loss, dizziness, loss of balance, and depression. An adequate level of oxygen is helpful in maintaining “friendly” bacteria over disease-causing bacteria, and other organisms in the body.


Oxyburst products are intended for intermittent use only. Not to be used as medical or life-saving products. People with impaired heart or lung function or other medical conditions should consult with their physician prior to use. Oxyburst products are for intermittent use only. Prolonged use is defined as an uninterrupted intake for more than 8 hours. Oxyburst is safe for healthy people of all ages when using the product as directed. As the canister is pressured with compressed it is recommended that children use it with adult supervision as a safety precaution.


Please observe these precautions when using this product:

Oxygen vigorously accelerates combustion and flame.
Do not use or store Oxyburst canisters near flames, sparks, heat, fuels, or combustible material.
Canister temperature should not exceed 49 C.
Do not use if damaged.
Use only as directed.