Restaurant Bottling Solution


According to the pundits we will always have problems with the quantity and quality of water avilable. So what does a restauranteur do for coffee, tea, soda stream, bottled water?

We have the RESTAURANT solution – make your own water from the air – yes the air.
Benefits include:
– very profitable – bottle premium water for half your cost on sales (about R2.00)
– have a perfectly pure water supply that YOU control
– very soft water that is alkaline
– own label
– the machine is on wheels, attractive enough for front of house
– plug and play
– is only 40cm x 40cm and stands only 112cm high
– save fridge space as the water can be dispensed as low as 4 degrees celsius
– 450w low electricity consumption
– makes up to 66 500ml bottles per day depending on humidity (Cape Town work on 40)
– very marketable because of talkability
– it is the responsible thing to do

Ray de Vries is the founder of AIRWATER and pioneer of the atmospheric water industry in Africa. Ray is a qualified hotelier and has owned a number of restaurants and a hotel, so understands the industry well.

Lets take a look at the numbers:

Cost Price   Bottle Cap Label Electricity TOTAL Selling Gross Profit
500ml Plastic Bottles   1.15 .10 .10 .35 1.70 R15 13.30
500ml Glass Bottles* .75 .10 .10 .35 1.25 R20 18.75
* working on 5% bottle loss

The list price of the AW33 is R26500 excluding vat including delivery and training for staff (bottling and maximising in-house sales). This machine produces up to 33 litres per day

The price of the AW150 (pictured above extreme right) is R785k excluding vat ex factory in JHB.