Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

What is our offering?

Our LBP (Licensed Bottling Plant) offering is, arguably, one of the simplest and most profitable business opportunities available in South Africa today.

  • Low risk
  • Artisanal
  • Massive market
  • Unique product
  • Proven system.
  1. Turnkey business in a box – atmospheric water generating machines (production up to 1500 litres of water per day), UV purification, storage, bottling room, all bottling equipment, bottle washer and dispensing tables.
  2. Harvesting humidity from the air, filtering, purifying and bottling.
  3. Bottled in glass with steel caps enjoys market acceptance (the market is anti – plastic and becoming more and more vociferous by the day)
  4. Whilst glass is much more expensive than plastic, the reusability of it is extremely profitable as the client is not buying and selling a container each time – glass bottles are screen printed and returnable.
  5. The majority of restaurants, hotels and other outlets want bespoke bottles with their logos and information on. We pay for the bottles, artwork etc. – they pay only for replacement bottles.
  6. The Air Water™ company and Air Water™ brand is an established continually growing as it enjoys talkability. We enjoy an extensive media following and presence appearing on CNN, The Financial Times London, Italian TV channel RAI, Al Jazeera, Chinese TV CCTV, Australian TV Channel 7 and all the SA networks.
  7. The Air Water™ business model enjoys very good gross profits and low overheads, big demand. The business is driven by wholesale appeal to restaurants.

Who are we?

Air Water™ offers business opportunities in atmospheric water generation.The Air Water™ concept was founded in 2006 by Ray de Vries, well known in media and marketing circles in SA and beyond. Ray is still involved as a consultant to the business and responsible for new business, marketing and training.

Linda Sievers who is a Dutch national, is a director of the business and responsible for business administration. Linda has a strong corporate background having been involved with NIKE international for two decades.

What do we do?

Through creative innovation, Air Water™, designs solutions for sustainable, alternative water supply for homes, offices and commercial & industrial applications using atmospheric water generation.

What is our value proposition?

The value we provide is the solution to make water where it is needed not take water to where it is needed. Every litre of Air Water™ harvested from the air is a litre of water that is not tapped from the dams, rivers or reservoirs of our country. Every drop of water that is harvested from the air is 100% sustainable, perfectly pure, alkaline and soft. Glass bottles are used with steel caps – zero plastic.

Who is our customer?

Homes, offices, schools, clinics, hospitals, hotels, lodges, restaurants, hairdressers, dentists – anyone buying bottled water – even tattoo artists!

What channels are used for value delivery?

Through the setting up of the Air Water™ network we empower South Africans to participate in, and benefit from, the Green Revolution. People at home, the school and the office tap into this unique source of perfectly pure water as well as restaurants, hotels, events, schools – wherever people are buying water.

What is our licensed bottling plant offering?

The Air Water™ bottling franchise is a unique business model with multiple income streams; offering bottled water for sale as well as machine sales and rentals.

What does our roll out look like?

Our goal is to establish 3 exclusive licensed outlets this year in South Africa. 

Who is the licensee we are inviting to join the team?

Our licensed network is self-starting with a big appetite for doing something completely different in a different way. The potential franchisee is an imaginative, creative and astute businessperson comfortable in themselves and not scared to smash old ways of thinking.

Who, or what is our opposition?

Our biggest opposition is “old thinking” businesses and people who see the traditional water supply as the future. Our business offers a completely new source of perfectly pure water supply – harvesting the humidity from the air as opposed to using groundwater. This is our unique selling point. Because of crippling droughts, crumbling infrastructure and heavily polluted water, people are much more sensitised to the value of water and are now looking for pure and sustainable sources of supply. Through necessity, Old thinking is giving way, very fast, to New thinking.

What is the minimum investment and what do our profits look like?

Air Water™ bottling plants range in price depending on configuration. Investment starts at R685k for a plant that produces up to 1000 litres (3000 bottles) per day (production is dependent on atmospheric conditions).

Typically, the gross profit (after cost on sales including electricity usage for producing the water) is up to 90%, with low overheads.