Filter – 14 litre Pot Filter

This counter-top water filter is a standalone system that slowly filters water poured into the top tank through its 7 stages to offer the best quality filtered water.
The system is compact, easy to install and move around and does not need to be installed close to a tap or water point.
The Ceramic Filter can be cleaned many times and re-used for up to 2 years, the Multi-Stage Filter and Mineral Stone should be replaced every year or approximately 5000L.

Filter stages:

Stage 1: 0.2 Micron Korea Ceramic Filter
Stage 2: Silver Infused Activated Carbon
Stage 3: Zeolite removes
Stage 4: Silica Sand
Stage 5: Mineral Sand
Stage 6: Ion Exchange Resin
Stage 7: Mineral Stone

Together these filters remove fine sediment, rust, dust, micro plastics, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides and unpleasant tastes and odours. The system also adds beneficial minerals improving the taste and odour of the water.

Assembly instructions:

Wash your hands thoroughly before handling the various parts
1. Take the ceramic filter, multi layer cartridge and mineral stone container, place them in a clean bucket of water and soak for at least 30 minutes. Rinse them thoroughly.
2. Wash the lower tank and attach the tap, using the washers provided.
3. Place the mineral stone container in the lower tank.
4. Place the joining ring on top of the lower tank.
5. Take the multi layer cartridge and carefully screw into the joining ring. Do not over-tighten.
6. Place the cartridge assembly on top of the joining ring.
7. Take the upper tank and insert the ceramic filter (the washer must be on the inside). Again, do not over-tighten.
8. Place the top tank together with the appropriate fittings for the model on to the joining ring.
9. Check all parts for fitness and alignment. 10. Fill with water and put the top cover in place.


1. Never use hot water.
2. Always discard the first container of water after initial purification.
3. Never use anything abrasive on the plastic parts, a sponge is best.
4. The ceramic filter can be cleaned using water sand paper or a scouring pad. Carefully cleaning with gentle circular movements over the surface of the filter will quickly clean it and restore it’s efficiency.
5. The ceramic filter can be cleaned up to 300 times before replacing,
6. The multi cartridge needs no attention and will last for about 5000 litres depending on input water quality. We recommend replacement of this element every 12 months.
7. Never overfill the upper tank. If the lower tank is half full you can completely fill the upper tank.
8. If the unit appears to leak, please check tap for ‘tightness’, ensure the top tank has not been overfilled.

What’s in the box

1x Lid
1x Upper Tank
1x Middle Base
1x Ceramic Dome Filter
1x Cartridge Hanger
1x Multi- Media Cartridge
1x Mineral Stone
1x Lower Tank
1x Tap
1x Bottom Base
1x User Manual
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