Bottled Water

There are many advantages to drinking perfectly pure water from the air – the biggest one being that you know what you are drinking, where it comes from and what is in it!

Harvesting humidity is water that starts as a gas (vapour) and is condensed into water. The Air Water™ machines process the water through a multi point filtration and UV sanitisation process. The water is remineralised and then bottled, fresh and ready to serve guaranteeing soft, perfectly pure alkaline water.

Every drop we drink from the air is a drop left in the rivers, dams and reservoirs for our fellow South Africans to use.

Home Units

The home units are ideal for home or office. They are very simple plug and play machines that produce from to 33 -70 litres of perfectly pure water every day. One has a choice of machines that can cool or heat the water.

The question that is often asked is “what machine should I buy?”. We recommend the AW70 which can make up to 70 litres per day – once you have enough water you can switch the machine off and put it away.

The AW70 harvests the humidity and stores in a separate container of your choice. To filter one is able to pour through a filter of your choice.

It is, by far, the best “bang for buck”.

Our artisanal humidity harvesting bottlery in Muizenberg is a working model of what can be achieved. Very high gross profits and good ROI – please contact to schedule an online meeting.