Water from the Air Machine for home

The Air Water™ AW70 model is one of the most efficient Air to Water generators. It produces up to 3 litres of water per hour (up to 70 litres per day) from just the air! Coupled with the 7 stage filtration SUPERPURE water dispenser pot (included in the price), you have the answer to water problems plaguing South Africa! Click here for specificationss

Only R15,999 excluding vat!




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Essential Mineral Super filter

The 14 litre SUPERPURE water pot is a 7 stage filter. A pipe connects the two and water is pumped from the AW70 into the filter ensuring you and your family have perfectly pure water in every glass. Click here for specifications


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Join the movement that says “no more plastic bottles” – sustainable water harvested from the air and bottled in returnable glass bottles – it is profitable and the right thing to do.

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Air Water™ was founded by Ray de Vries in 2006 and has exported machines to countries throughout the world.

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Air Water™ unique Humidity Bottling plants in Cape Town has already produced 1.8 million litres of perfectly pure water to date.

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Air Water™ is the first to offer 100% sustainable water in refillable glass bottles, saving our planet  litre by litre

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