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Make your own water from the air

The AW70 Air Water™ model
The Gravity Flow Filter

Business Opportunity

The Air Water™ bottling plant is a turnkey production facility – harvesting humidity from the air.
Containerised or fixed.

Bottled Water

The water is absolutely pure as well as great tasting. The filtration system, includes reverse osmosis

Home Units

The AW70 model is ideal for home or office. It produces up to 70 litres of pure water every day.

Commercial Units

Air Water™ has solutions that can produce up to 2000 litres of perfectly pure water per day

It’s time for you to take control of your water supply and quality

The Air Water™ machine makes water from thin air – it is the only immediate solution for the water crisis facing the world – whether it is home, your office, your clinic, your school, your community, you could be drinking 100% pure water and saving the water that you don’t use each and every day.


Join the movement that says “no more plastic bottles” – sustainable water harvested from the air and bottled in glass – it is profitable and the right thing to do.
Very profitable as you pay only for content and not the container

Serve a perfectly pure water that is completely sustainable

Very soft water that is alkaline

Have your own logo and contact details on a dual branded bottle

330ml, 660ml or 1 litre bottles

Very marketable because of talkability

It is the responsible thing to do

About Air Water

A few things that you may want to know

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Air Water™ was founded by Ray de Vries in 2006 and has exported machines to over 20 countries throughout the world.

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Air Water™ unique Humidity Bottling plants in Cape Town already produce 1.8 million litres of perfectly every year.

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Jobs Created

Air Water™ has created 25 new jobs since October 2017 and we expect to create a further 25 before year end.

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Air Water™ is the first to offer 100% sustainable water in refillable glass bottles, saving our planet by liter by the liter.

3 Steps to Healthier Water

for your home, business or school

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