AWW70 Home Air Water

Make Water from Air
at Home!

Make Water from Air at Home!

We highly recommend the AW70 Air Water™ machine. It produces up to 70-litres of water per day, has far less sensitive electrical parts (causing problems with power surges), is half the size and costs less (about 30% cheaper) than the traditional 30-litre machine. It comes with 14-litre multi-stage filtration filter.

drought or lack of service delivery

Drought or lack of service delivery 

Drought or lack of clean supply of water to communities who need it most. An example (right) is a solution for a home, office, school scalable from 350 to 1000 litres of perfectly pure water per day.

Take your home off the water grid.

Case study September 2023 a 700 litre per day solution

Please contact Ray de Vries at or call (via Whatsapp as I am often travelling) on
+27 82 884 4881.

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